Lee Rogers

Hometown: Swartswood, New Jersey

Family: Wife- Charlene, Daughter-Holly, Son-Mitchell

Joined: J.B. Custom Rods Team: 2016

Boat model: Skeeter zx225

Favorite Aspect of using a J. B. Custom Rod: Custom design features to reduce rod torque and a handle

designed that puts you in direct contact with the blank
Favorite Fishing Technique: Flipping & dragging baits

Favorite waters to Fish: Chataqua lake, Lake Champlain, James River and feeder creeks

Biggest Fish: 8.04 Largemouth, 6.02 Smallmouth

Heaviest Tournament Weight: Club level – 21.02

smallmouth on Mahopac Lake, Federation level – 19.04
Career Highlights:

5 time Qualifier – BASS Eastern Divisional, New York Bass Federation